Why bees?

My family moved to Saskatchewan in July 2012 with hope to slow life down and be further connected to nature. Luckily we found some land near the small town of Wakaw.  As we are water people, we found this to be a good fit.  My parents pass through Wakaw in their travels so we get to see them frequently.

In August 2012, after many years of planning, we began building our straw bale house on the land. That story is told in greater detail at: http://buildingourhouseofstraw.blogspot.ca

I spent my time building our house during the first year in Saskatchewan. The next two years were spent working in Northern Alberta. Travelling. Planes, trains & automobiles. I had a good job, worked with some great people and had a bit of fun along the way. However, I was missing that connection to my wife, kids and nature. I felt like a stranger in my own home and was desperately thinking of a career that could be done locally.

Every second weekend I would arrive home from Alberta and tell Candice my latest and greatest hair-brained career move. I must have drove her batty with all these ideas! There were so many that I can’t even remember them all.

One day, while travelling to work on the airplane, I randomly picked up a copy of Alberta Venture magazine. There was an interesting article featuring a beekeeper. This was it!  I could stay home with the kids, work locally, be outside and enjoy nature. I called Candice that night as I couldn’t wait to tell her my newest, greatest idea! She and the boys LOVED it! I knew we had a winner.

The wheels were set in motion and so began many months of research, phone calls to beekeepers, meetings, books, articles and spreadsheets.  On May 12, 2015 I received my first two colonies of bees and the adventure began!

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    When I click on the Store link, nothing happens.
    I would like to order a tshirt. How do they fit? Tight or loose?
    Let me know…
    Love to support your growing business 🙂

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